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Urban Alchemy / Gordon Matta-Clark

Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts
TOKY Branding + Design
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This web site was designed not only to be a permanent archive of the Gordon Matta-Clark exhibit at the Pulitzer, but it was designed to help illustrate how Gordon Matta Clark's work lives within the Tadao Ando designed Pulitzer building. Users are able to explore the work from different areas of the Museum, watch video  interviews, and compare quotes from Matta-Clark about his work with quotes from Tadao Ando about his work.


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geochalker's picture

This is an interesting website. I went to see where the location of the museum was but could not find an address. Is it a roving exhibition? If not, where are they located?


Georgette Chalker
Visual Artist
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jdxpl's picture

Thanks. The Pulitzer's site is at and the physical location is in St. Louis, Missouri. While GMC's work is displayed throughout museums all over, this one is especially unique because it was specifically arranged and the items were selected by their relationship with the space. So get to St. Louis before June to see it in person!