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The Unilever Series - Miroslaw Balka: How It Is

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The How It Is site complements Miroslaw Balka’s Unilever Series commission for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall.

Created in close collaboration with the artist and based on his own handwritten list of contextual references it incorporates audio, video and images into an immersive online environment. It includes Balka discussing his work and the curator’s statement about How It Is in the gallery, alongside documentary and archival footage and images.

In the gallery, Balka intends How It Is to provide an experience for visitors which is both personal and collective, creating a range of sensory and emotional experiences through sound, light and shade, individual experience and awareness of others.

Drawing on some of the conventions of gaming, and with a specially-designed soundscape, the dark space of the How It Is site mirrors the sense of disorientation and ex

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