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Titanic - Built in Belfast

National Museums Northern Ireland
EG Information Consulting 1st Floor 21 James Street South Belfast BT2 7GA Northern Ireland t:+44 (0) 28 9087 2222 f:+44 (0) 28 9087 2223

Titanic Built in Belfast Launched March 2007 The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum is part of the National Museums Northern Ireland. We are sited on the shores of Belfast Lough - the birthplace of Titanic, the most famous ship in history. The museum holds unique and diverse Titanic collections of international importance. These include the world’s largest collection of H&W shipbuilders photographic negatives of Titanic, along with historic moving images, sound recordings and printed material relating to the great liner. Our main aim in developing the ‘Titanic Built in Belfast’ website was to interpret the story of Titanic with integrity, while taking a quirky approach to engage the broadest possible audiences. The website was designed to complement a very popular Titanic exhibition at the Museum and to allow worldwide access to Belfast’s Titanic story as interpreted through the Museum’s collections. Highlights of the site include: 1. Titanic from Beginning to End We decided to take a matrix approach to this section to allow users to follow the story chronologically or to drill down in the usual fashion. This section uses original glass plate archival images with magnification rollover facility. 2. The Titanic Vault The evolving Vault section provides depth of content and enables the user to drill down through the collections Archive moving images Period music and first hand witness testimonies from the archive Look at Edith Russell and ‘Stand To Your Post’ 3. The Learn section promotes understanding through fun learning techniques. Bespoke video presentation Introductory Video Custom-Built Animations Also view Plating - Interactive Features – The Skin of a Ship Voiceovers Explanatory commentaries using Belfast voices to aid accessibility 4. Translations (Active from Home Page) The majority of the site has been meticulously translated into the five most popular European languages to maximise international access. 5. All prints are downloadable at low resolution or for sale at high resolution to maximise access to the collections. Future Plans The website is constantly evolving and we are updating it regularly. Particular aspirations for the future include; • the development of an Ask the Expert/ knowledge database keyed to the Museum’s capacity • improved disability access and navigation • inclusion of new Titanic-related collections through a proactive acquisitions policy. Wider Context We believe that this website is significant not only in traditional museum terms but that it has added value by making an important contribution to the social and economic regeneration of Northern Ireland in general and Belfast in particular. Indeed the website was one of the highlights of an international exhibition displayed in Union Station Washington D.C.,part of the Rediscover Northern Ireland Festival of March 2007. The popularity of the website is signified by the fact that it has been on the front page of Google for the past number of weeks and that we continue to receive many complimentary e-mails from users worldwide.

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