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Tate Kids

GR/DD - in house - The Brother's McLeod - Dean Jackson

Tate Kids engages and entertains the intended audience (5-12 year olds), by allowing them to learn about and begin to appreciate art in both informal and formal educational contexts.

My Gallery allows kids to create their own galleries, by uploading work they have created away from the computer and art they have created in our Street Art and Tate Paint games. The can also take works from the Tate Kids Collection, which is a subset of the Tate Online collection database. Kids can add other users work to their galleries, add them to a list of their favourite artists and rate works.

The games are a collection of interactivies that allow kids to begin to practise a range of art techniques and explore art in a ludic and cathartic manner. Street Art and Tate Paint are synced My Gallery and, in Street Art's case tied to an exhibition.

The films are a fun way to show how works can be interpreted. Orthus, a two headed character, debates the pros and cons about an art work to explore all opinions, and to demonstrate there is no one right interpretation - all ideas are valid. 

Time away from the screen is important for our audience, so Tate Create contains a range of activities our users can complete offline with friends and family. 

The content here and throughout the site is differentiated by a star system - level three being the 'hardest' (or aimed at the 10-12s). We were keen not to use age ranges, as they can be alienating and off putting for the target audience.

The Adult Zone was created to give Teachers and Parents some guidance when using the site, and there are some sample lesson plans for each age group.

Tate's mission is 'to increase public knowledge, understandng and appreciation of art.' Tate Kids, aimed at six to 12 year olds, hopes to meet this mission by creating colourful, relevant and appropriate content that will engage, entertain and (stealthily) educated the intended audience. 

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