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Mickey Mayo, Lotte Meijer, Beth Harris & Steven Zucker

Smarthistory is the only open content multi-media art history site dedicated to using informal conversation to teach the major works of the Western art history survey course. The design is beautiful and yet it runs on a content management system, the information architecture allows users to navigate according to their needs and interests (by time, style, artist or theme), and the site is organized for informal learners, students and travelers who might want to download multimedia about the art that they will see in their travels to major cities and museums (see the "All Videos" section). The site also brings in social networking via Flickr, youtube, Vimeo and Twitter.

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@sprintmarathon's picture

I'm taking a course on Renaissance Art and Architecture right now and
could have used this site two weeks ago when I was prepping for the
mid-term. Will definitely use for the final. I especially appreciate
the multimedia integration. The site design supports clear objectives and as a result the user experience is engaging and surprisingly sticky (in a good way).