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Sea Stallion from Glendalough

The Viking Ship Museum

The Sea stallion from Glendalough website could be put in almost any of the categories above. The website introduces the Viking ship past and present. The story follows shipbuilding, organisation of war fleets and crew, daily life, development of cities and changes in society a thousand years ago. It present the archaeological knowledge of the original ship, Skuldelev 2, found I Roskilde Fjord; the excavation, dating process and information from various historical and pictorial sources and it gives visitors a chance to experince the biggest test in experimental archaeology so far, up close and personal. By allowing them to follow the ship on a map, read diaries and ship data, see film and pictures about the voyage, the public get a first hand impression of what the voyage is like. The main reason for nominating it in the Innovative category is because the website communicated the ship when sailing to Dublin in 2007 and is now giving visitors a chance to follow the voyage during the return sail to Roskilde, summer 2008.: But I would also point to the podcast section: The Education/Teachers Guide: The Research section: Regards Martin Djubpdræt

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