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Otago Museum
Otago Museum in partnership with ZeDDD Technology

SciCity has been developed as an educative game system that utilises many popular Internet activities, including social networking and user-created content within a safe, easy to use, highly attractive, virtual online environment. As a visitor to SciCity, participants are able to meet with friends, explore reality-based environments and make documentory movies of their discoveries for others to watch. SciCity is an educative outreach programme developed to engage 8-14 year old New Zealanders with a technology-rich, virtual environment. It has been developed to inspire and enrich the young people nationwide and enhances their understanding and appreciation of information and communication technology in an educative and engaging manner. It is a versatile system effective within both formal education settings and as a great form of informal learning in the home, public library and museum/science centre setting. SciCity has been designed with safety as a priority. SciCity is a choice-only interactive environment eliminating the undesirable aspects of many online communication systems while being a highly innovative example of a user created online community. The safety of SciCity gives confidence to parents and teachers to allow their children full use of this resource.SciCity is a fun educative game – through playing this game, children are developing valuable skills and attitudes within an information and communication technology context. For parents, SciCity is a responsible, free access web product which, while highly entertaining, is also helping their children learn. SciCity has a strong educative focus on information and communication technology as well as exploring many themes and topics of Science, Nature and Culture (the Otago Museum core foci). With the motivating medium of user-created content, documentary movies are created while undertaking educative missions. In this innovating, stimulating way, children are gaining new skills and knowledge of the topics explored. Providing a reality-based, highly motivating context for exploration of information and communication technology, as well as developing values, behaviours and essential skills within an IT ‘business-modelled’ game, SciCity is of great value to schools and teachers throughout New Zealand. Many schools are utilising this education resource as class projects — the whole class can meet and interact within their very own SciCity environment. Within SciCity children are able to share this knowledge and educate each other through their SciCity documentary movies.

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