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The Royal Ontario Museum | Podcasts | Constructing the Barosaurus

The Royal Ontario Museum
The Royal Ontario Museum, New Media Resources Department

After much anticipation, the Royal Ontario Museum opened the James and Louise Temerty Galleries of the Age of Dinosaurs in December 2007. Constructing the Barosaurus is a time-lapse podcast created for the opening of the new gallery that depicts the mounting of Barosaurus specimen for the first time.The Barosaurus is a highlight of the new gallery as it was found in the ROM’s collection only six weeks before opening. The discovery captivated museum members, local residents, media and museum lovers around the world and the podcast offers a rare behind-the-scenes view of a museum. The video quickly became a favourite of the 2007 podcast collection because of its relevance to current museum news and events.During the installation, a web cam panned the 27.5 metre (90 foot) specimen each minute taking 80 individual pictures that were later stitched together into one panoramic image. The time-lapse podcast uses the still images to share the construction process of this enormous specimen with museum audiences. The deep and lumbering music accentuates the size and weight of the skeleton.

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