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Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years

The Museum of Modern Art
In-house. Shannon Darrough, Senior Media Developer was the designer and programmer.

This Web site accompanied the exhibition Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years at The Museum of Modern Art. The site was intended to serve as a robust and permanent record of the show and to provide a compelling experience for those unable to see the exhibition themselves. The site features images of all the works in the exhibition; several videos (walk-throughs of selected works, an installation video, and an interview); excerpts from the catalogue; an artist biography; and a chronology. The site uses a simple but highly effective 'hidden' navigation that allows for content to be displayed as large as possible. Furthering this functionality is an algorithm that scales images to the size of the browser. Finally, typography, texture, and composition are used to reflect the mood and aesthetic of the artwork in the site's presentation.

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