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Picturing the Past -- Searching for the Sublime (English and French)

Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, Ontario
Contract web developers: ideeclic, Gatineau Quebec

Teachers Resources at: loves and anticipates their vacation. But that has not always been the case. This site uses the Museum’s extensive photo archives to develop the story of how Canadians gained an appreciation for and a love of the outdoors and their trips into the wilderness. Searching for the Sublime is a stunning, visually engaging site using animation, reworked historic images to give 3-D effects which add life and bring the subjects out of the photos and closer to the viewer. The sound track reinforces the visual images and provides observations and analysis that will stimulate the viewers to think about what they enjoy and how they benefit from their vacations and assists them understand why that is the case. This ambitious project was a collaborative project between Museum staff and Masters students in the Public History programme at Carleton University. It demonstrates how imaginative web site creators can develop new stories that appeal to a wide audience including adults. The Teachers Resources on the other hand, provide links to curriculum topics and stimulating questions, including gender and economic issues,, to pose to history students in upper grades and social studies students at intermediate levels. This site is very worthy of an award on many levels.

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