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The persistence of memory

Fundació Gala-Salvador Dali
Barcelona Multimedia

"The persistence of memory" was a capital work in the live of Salvador Dalí and in the evolution of surrealism. Created in 1931, the painting had not been exposed ever in Spain.

Thanks to a loan from the Moma, the first months of this year spanish visitors can enjoy the "soft watches" and appreciate the unique sensibility of Dali.

On the occasion of this loan, the Dalí Foundation has made a special effort to create an on-line educational material to facilitate the understanding and dissemination of the work, in the context of the creation of Salvador Dalí.

The on-line materials aimed at two audiences: families and schools, offering two differents access. The contents avoid text, and explotes audiovisual and interactivity as attractive ways to understand art. Through games and activities, supported by pedagogycal guides, we can introduce children in the world of art and artists.

Deserves a special mention the design of the activities at the section devoted to children from 3 to 6 years, considering their limitations in handling the mouse

The vocation of the project was "the persistence of The Persistence," since paint returns to the MOMA in Spring 2009.

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