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Paul Hagon's Then & Now

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Paul Hagon

Paul Hagon is a developer at the National Library of Australia but he built this lovely series of mashups in his spare time. Fed up with the inability of the NLA to supply good geocoded data around their photo collections he turned to the Commons on Flickr and whipped up a way of automatically connecting historic photos to their Google Street View in the present era. This is a simple but lovely example of re-use of cultural sector content and effectively reveals narratives of the changing city. Currently available for New York, Sydney, Auckland via the data feeds of multiple institutions in the Commons on Flickr.

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Jonathan Cooper's picture

Great concept, but unfortunately it fails in the execution. Many of the streetlevel images don't show the same place as the historic photo (and if there is no public road, there is no streetlevel photo at all - e.g. Botantic Gardens). Plus, clicking on the historic photos produces 404 errors. Shame. :-(