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D.G. Patrimoni Cultural (Cultural Heritage Administration)
Why: shows the heritage of Catalonia, mainly museum related with new web tools like video podcasting, Google Earth, 3D models of ancient buildings online, giga-resolution photographs, games, blogs, etc.

In 2009 has developed a wide 2.0 activity to engage participation:

Facebook patrimoni.gencat

Patrimoni.gencat has almost 1500 friends and 2200 fans on Facebook. It shows some content from the main website (specially multimedia) and promotes engagement of the user community through competitions, questions or events.

Twitter patrimonigencat

Museum and heritage related news, and interaction with professionals and museum and heritage lovers.


YouTube user/patrimonigencat

In-house videos from and playlists with the best videos from catalan museums and the users community.



Photos from the main website and from the users. The last contest has selected the best museum and heritage photos from amateurs and included them in the recently published official guide of catalan heritage.

More than a thousand members: organizations, partners, professionals, amateurs, museum lovers... connected by a newsletter and the 2.0 websites: Facebook, YouTube, Flckr...

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