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Origami Now! Folding Station

Peabody Essex Museum

This kiosk was placed within our Art & Nature family center and was intended for our family audience. The center has lots of traffic and offers many quick interactive experiences so we had to be mindful of simplicity and completion within the kiosk experience. We also realized that origami instruction was usually done through complicated books that were not so child-friendly and the web didn't offer many alternatives so we decide to collaborate with Origamido Studios to create a new origami experience for all. The concept was simple, learn to fold origami models with instructional videos created by origami master Michael LaFosse. The videos were broken down by skill level so users with previous experience could move ahead to more challenging models. The center supplied lots of paper and a place to display your best work which was a big hit. The videos were place aesthetically into a textured origami landscape to appeal to visitors from a distance and to offer a different experience from other videos throughout the museum. The kiosk was so popular that we had to limit each visitor to folding one model/visit if it was crowded but offered them the same experience online.

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