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The National Gallery Podcast

The National Gallery

What makes the National Gallery Podcast different and unique? Designed to offer a new perspective on the Gallery and its world-class painting collection, our monthly podcast takes a magazine format focusing on 3 or 4 diverse topics. Our regular host Miranda Hinkley carries the show introducing a surprisingly diverse mix of world-class academics, curators and historians off set with a variety of voices: from practicing artists to life coaches and firework experts. The podcast is designed to offer a new, contemporary and relevant perspective on all things National Gallery. It's designed to challenge preconceptions, engage and delight the audience. Using a rich audio texture each podcast transports you to the world of the Gallery, offering a relevant and contemporary experience. "It helps appreciate art and look at paintings in general with a different perspective and paying attention to some other details"- user comment. "Great! I loved it. It brings your beautiful museum closer to me. Please produce more."- user comment "It is very interesting to listen from NG in Omsk, Russia"- user comment

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