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Mingei International Museum

Mingei International Museum
Teneleven Interactive

Mingei International Museum’s first website, created in 1995, served the prominent San Diego museum for over ten years. A major marketing overhaul in 2005 included a proposal for a new website as a "third Museum location," designed by local professionals to reflect the renowned collection and aesthetic of Mingei International. The Museum’s mission—to reveal the beauty of use in folk art, craft and design from all eras and cultures of the world—is present throughout the revolutionary new website, from the clean minimalist interface to the high-resolution, detailed images of collection objects. Serving as a marketing and fundraising tool, enables viewers to read about both Museum locations in San Diego and Escondido, make donations, buy memberships and purchase books online. The website is simple to use yet demonstrates the flexibility and conscientious construction by software professionals. Designers at Teneleven Interactive, led by David Kunze, ensured that the final product met the aesthetic standards of Mingei International while providing the functionality and expertise of the best collection websites available. Current and past exhibitions are featured on the website, which includes images of objects from each exhibition. The website is also linked to, an extensive representation of the Museum’s permanent collection, indexed by country and medium. In summary, is the ideal exhibition site because it enables viewers to grasp the depth and breadth of Mingei International Museum’s collection while preserving the high-tech utility and aesthetic of a global website.

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