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Maps: Tools for Adventure

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis (with the National Geographic Society)
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The Childrenís Museum of Indianapolis and the National Geographic Society partnered to create a website and international traveling museum exhibit, ìNational Geographic Maps: Tools for Adventure For the physical, traveling exhibit, kiosk games were created to introduce kids to the roles maps play in daily life and provide collaborative, hands-on activities that help children and parents map their own adventures. The games were then modified for play online, so kids and parents around the world could explore virtually. The website features engaging map games on land, at sea, in the air and in space to help kids experience adventures through maps, artifacts and interactive experiences: o Explore a Pyramid (Send a robot deep into an ancient Egyptian pyramid to find hidden hieroglyphs and uncover a secret chamber) o Find the Sunken Treasure (Whatís buried on the ocean floor? Use a map and a water jet to blast sunken treasure out of hiding) o Explore Mars (Was there once life on Mars? Guide the Mars rover and collect rock samples to send back to Earth) o Go on a Family Adventure (Pick a land or sea adventure and follow clues to see how fast you can get to your secret destination) o See GIS in Action (Why are some animals in danger of going extinct? Find out and learn more about geographic information systems (GIS)) The interactive, animated games are all based on U.S. National Geography Standards and provide children and families with the exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in the thrilling world of maps, full of fun activities that invite families to become explorers, chart new territory and plan their own adventures.

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