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Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin
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The Jewish Museum Berlin relaunched its website – revised comprehensively with respect to both content and design – on 18 November. Its features are simple navigation accessible to all users, and an attractive design with large pictures, films, and interactive elements.The screen surface combines fun with individually tailored access: When the user drags the mouse across the page, it leaves a trail that reveals hidden pictures.

The main page, "Museum on Site," displays a new presentation of the permanent exhibition and offers virtual insights into the the Rafael Roth Learning Center and the Museum collection (, and

The second main part, educational activities for "Kids, Students, Teachers," is organized according to target groups and contains comprehensive information on the Museum’s educational work and explorative elements (

The third part of the website, the "Online Showcase", presents virtual exhibitions. At the moment, it reveals what visitors otherwise cannot see at the Museum: a look behind the scenes and in the faces of the employees (

All sections of the new website are accessible to all users and are bilingual (German/English). Selected information is also available in French, Spanish, and Italian, and a film in German sign language informs the hearing impaired.

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