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Iris Apfel: All Dolled Up!

Peabody Essex Museum
In-House, James Forrest, Martha Almy, Kasey Cole, Michelle Cangemi, David Wolf

Playing dress-up is fun. period.

The Peabody Essex Museum teamed up with fashion superpowers Iris and Carl Apfel to allow visitors to this fashion exhibit to go through Iris's closet virtually to create new ensembles and take them to the stage.

 All Dolled Up! Intro

Here is how it works:

  • Choose how many mannequins you want to dress - 1, 2, or 3.

    This acts like a multi-player game and also allows for you to duplicate a mannequin and try out different accessories. We know, every girls dream.

  • Browse Iris's closet for garments and start building your outfit(s).
  • Once complete - take it to the runway and bask in your moment of glamour.
  • Share - print out your runway and share it with your friends

Why? Well...

  • Its fun, addictive, and has transformed visitors thoughts on what is accepted with the art of fashion - reinforcing the exhibits mission
  • Each piece is meticulously illustrated by hand and approved by Iris
  • It creates an experience that is not possible in real life but seems very natural
  • It allows for a lively multi-user experience
  • The experience is on the floor of the exhibit and is also on our website with bonus features
  • It is intuitive and simple.
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