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Ice Station Antarctica

The Natural History Museum with British Antarctic Survey
The Natural History Museum in house additional elements by Real 451, Spiral productions

This site was developed as an integral part of the visitor’s journey, extending their visit from the gallery space to home. In the gallery visitors are asked if they are tough enough to survive in Antarctica. To find out they are set a number of challenges, which they complete through computer interactives within the gallery. At the beginning of their visit they are given a barcoded ticket to activate the challenges and record their data. At the end of the exhibition they find out what job they would best be suited to do in Antarctica and they receive an on screen Ice Graduate certificate. They are then invited to continue their mission at home. At home they use their barcoded ticket to register and logon to the site. Their data from the interactives has been recorded in their own personal log book. They can print out their certificate and upload their photo. They are then asked if they want to complete a series of interactive challenges to become an Ice Officer and are sent emails at regular intervals to inform them when new tasks are ready to complete. After each challenge the information is recorded and uploaded. As they progress their log book is updated with new information. There are five tasks in total and at the end they can print out a new certificate confirming they have successfully graduated as an Ice -Officer. You can see a film demonstrating this experience on the website from Feb 1st on the Antarctica website. Although we cannot make the log in area of the site publically available, as it would ruin the surprise element for our visitors, you can email or for a login and password and then visit for the experience.

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