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ICA Teen Programs Web Site

The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston
Aten Design Group

This site, designed in partnership with the teens in our programs, gives all of our students, staff, teachers, and guests a place to exhibit work, share thoughts, engage in discussion, and join in the ICA education community.  Each enrolled student, teacher and staff receives his own profile and is free to post work in all digital mediums.  The student/staff can choose if work posted is only for his blog, and whether this work can be seen by the public or just the ICA community.  Teachers and classmates alike engage in dynamic feedback and critique of each other's posted work online. In our full school year programs, the piece develops online with much dialogue at each stage.  When a student feels as if a piece is refined to his/her satisfaction he can post that piece to his personal gallery.

For students interested in registering for our teen programs, our on line registration process allows them to see what classes we offer and how many slots are available. They can submit their registration information and track their status through our programs. Once they are enrolled, their personal profile page keeps track of all the classes they have taken as well as all of the artwork they have created in those classes. This profile page becomes each student’s portfolio of work to share with teachers, colleges, potential clients and friends.  Alumni of our program use this site as a professional portfolio, always associated with the institution.

The site was designed specifically to create a professional artistic community for teens. We wanted it to serve as a professional alternative to some of the other networking site.  But we also wanted it to be engaging and styled enough so that teens would be drawn to it and participate. The teens were involved at every stage of development and started using it immediately after it was launched.  For us it has been a full success.

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