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The Guest Children

Canada Science and Technology Museum
Id?eclic490 boul St-JosephBureau 201Gatineau (Qu?bec)J8Y 3Y7 Canada

Directed at children ages 9 - 12, the site teaches Canada's contribution to the war effort on the 'home front' during the Second World War. To be effective to children of this age the site combines animation along with historic photographic images to convey the story in both an appealing and informative way. The 'children' presented in the site are spun from the stories of people who actually were 'Guest Children', sent to Canada from England, and the photographs shown, drawn from the large CN photograph collection held by the museum, offer images that would have been readily seen by these children during these years. The combination of serious events (injured troops returning from the front) and amusements (eg swimming, attending a fair) brings to the fore for a child the differences a child coming from England to Canada would notice, and the enormity of the change these children would have felt and experienced. The use of voices of children from Liverpool, England, plus the addition of audio clips from the time further enhances the experience for the young visiter to the site. The extensive 'Teachers' section expands on the information offered in the story, and gives teachers and students a means to understand the story and the direction to go for further information. Overall the site is highly engaging for children; informative of Canada, the Canadian war effort and the 'Guest Children' program; and evocative of the perils and events of this time.

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