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The Great Tate ModBlog

Dunk Digital (, in concert with in-house design and development from Tate Media

The Great Tate ModBlog is a blogging and photo-sharing site that is intended to open up the debate about how the new Tate Modern extension, currently in development, should take shape. People can send pictures direct from their cell phones or from their computers and these are added to an online 'Mood Board' refelecting the kind of interior spaces, ambience and designs that people would like to find in the new Tate Modern. The blog is regularly updated and includes interviews, opinion pieces and design news from a range of contributors. The content is rich and informative, but also playful and visually appealing, so that even if you're not submitting you're own images or comments you can have fun interacting with what's there. The language and tone is in keeping with blogging culture rather than the more formal 'voice of the museum'. This is a genuine excercise in soliciting opinion from design specialists and from the public that will help Tate to shape its future.

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