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George Washington's World for Kids

Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

To most young Americans, George Washington is a boring old white guy, not to mention being dead. This site reintroduces children to Washington as a bold, ingenious man of action, and Mount Vernon as his beloved home.  After playing the games, children should feel newfound appreciation for Washington, and a familiarity with his Mount Vernon estate. With these goals, we developed three learning games that explore different aspects of Washington's life and achievements, from farmer to soldier to statesman:

  • "Washington's Treasures" is a treasure hunt on the grounds of a 3D Mount Vernon, where players talk to George, Martha, their friends, employees, and slaves to find key artifacts that illuminate Washington's life. Players can also explore the estate freely, becoming familiar with ordinary life on a plantation.
  • "Bombarding Yorktown" puts the player in the role of a gun captain at Washington's greatest moment of military achievement, the siege of Yorktown. This game emphasizes the persistence required to win the siege, and the war.
  • "Harpsichord Hero" uses a Guitar Hero-style format in which players must perform eighteenth-century harpsichord songs while the Washingtons and their friends dance. This game highlights a surprising aspect of Washington's personality--he loved to dance--in a familiar and fun game format.

Together, these games are designed to capture childrens' interest, engage them in playful and meaningful ways, and inspire them to learn more about George Washington, and perhaps even visit Mount Vernon someday.

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