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Focus on Film

The National Archives (U.K.)
The National Archives

Focus on Film is a free to access website that allows students to investigate film as a source of evidence for the past. It combines a unique collection of documentary sources and film material in a highly interactive and engaging education resource which brings the benefits of Web 2.0 technology into the classroom to promote active, personalised learning. The 4 areas of the website include: an illustrated introduction to the nature of film as source evidence; a range of pre-prepared teaching activities which allow students to understand films in their historical context; an extensive archive of over 8 hours of film clips, catalogued with contextual information; and

a fully functioning web-based editing suite which allows students to work directly with around 200 film clips and still images to create their own work. Focus on Film demonstrates how film can be combined with innovative web-based technology to provide students with a powerful, interactive learning experience suitable for a range of curriculum subjects. It is flexible enough to be used for whole-class activities, small group work or individual study.

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