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Association of Science-Technology Centers

In the world of museum exhibits, everyone says we should build on the experience of others -- but how do we find out about it? ExhibitFiles provides an easy way to share exhibition case studies and reviews -- and to comment on the work of others. Since its opening at the end of April 2007, the NSF-sponsored site has grown to include more than 550 members and 90+ case studies and reviews. Site design was informed by analysis of listserv exchanges and earlier efforts to document 'best practices'; a group of exhibition developers and designers helped define site requirements and test early prototypes; the developers shared their work on a blog, open to comment. During the months since the site's opening, word has spread mainly through informal channels (a German blogger headlined the opening within 24 hours), and new features are being introduced in response to user feedback. Latest addition is open tagging; ahead is a 'media board' that will make it easier to draw on rich file types from multiple sources. As blogger Nina Simon commented, in encouraging others to sign on, 'The whole process of developing an exhibition tends to get stuck behind a museum's doors. There's no sharing of that information. Well, if we can come up with an open structure where anyone who works at any level of the process could share that process, that would be very unique and add very high value. A community site in its truest sense, where anyone can post a review or case study.'

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