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From Ellis Island to Orchard Street with Victoria Confino

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Ariel Newland, Jeff Tancil, and William Martin

From Ellis Island to Orchard Street with Victoria Confino has been designed to provide an immersive, fun approach to teaching immigration history. The game takes you back to 1916...and on a journey to America. The experience begins in Europe, where players create a virtual identity and pack belongings for the trip to New York City. Once on the shores of their new country, players experience the inspection at Ellis Island and head to their new neighborhood: the Lower East Side. Along the way, players get advice from Victoria Confino, a young immigrant who is wise to the ways of America. Victoria even welcomes players into her crowded tenement apartment through a 360-degree panoramic experience, where they make choices about what they will do for money, food and fun in America.

The game features:


  • Primary source documents from the early 20th Century
  • Period photos of Ellis Island and the Lower East Side
  • 360-degree, virtual reality views of Victoria Confino’s 1916 tenement apartment
  • A passport that players can create and print out
  • Videos of Victoria Confino discussing what it was like to immigrate and adjust to life in America.
  • Postcards that players can write, print and send.


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