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Dumbarton House for Kids: A Capital Idea!

Dumbarton House
Web Site Design and Technical Assistance: David Ostroff of David Ostroff Desgin Group. Contract Authors: Jenna Watson and Erin McCormally. Project Manager: Karen L. Daly (in-house).

'Dumbarton House for Kids: A Capital Idea!' brings to life the early history of Washington, DC for students ages 8 and older. Through interactive games and activities it teaches the history of our national capital while illustrating the experiences of early Washingtonians. Designed to be used by students independently or by teachers as a classroom lesson, the site includes resources like national standards correlations and printable student worksheets. Small Museum Justification: Dumbarton House has a full time staff of 8, including 5 professional staff members (a director, curator, education director, marketing manager, and administrative assistant). 'Dumbarton House for Kids' can serve as a model for small museums seeking to reach a broader audience through technology. Small Budget Justification: The entire project--including contract authoring, professional photography, and technical assistance--cost less than $6,000.

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