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CyberSpace Website

Adler Planetarium

An unstated goal of many educational resources found on museum websites is to keep you on that website.  The Adler Planetarium broke out of that thinking and created a website that focuses instead on inviting families and young visitors to explore space...and to keep exploring beyond the confines of one URL. 

The CyberSpace team conducted extensive user testing with visitors to the museum to determine topics of interest.  In-house science and education experts provide continuously updated content to seed exploration as well as reviewed links to provide further depth. Visitors are additionally encouraged to explore offline completely, with a new observable object provided monthly, more frequently updated Twitter posts with sky watch updates featured on the home page, and museum connections scattered throughout the content.

CyberSpace deserves a Best of the Web award because it encourages exploration of space science in a fun, engaging, and ongoing manner. 



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