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Curious Corner

The Art Institute of Chicago
Sandbox Studios, Inc.

 Curious Corner is a new Art Institute of Chicago Web site designed for children (ages 3–12), their friends, and families. Three main game categories are offered: Story Time, Match Up, and Play with Art. Packed with lively animation and fun interactive features, this dynamic program encourages young users and their families to explore more than 40 AIC works of art from around the world through playful and creative activities.

What is most appealing about Curious Corner is that collectively they feature a variety of unique gaming strategies and pedagogical approaches to enhance learning and accommodate a variety of learning styles. Furthermore, the games promote critical thinking and exploration, qualities vital in childhood education and development.  Games such as those in Curious Corner pique young peoples’ interest in the collections of the museum and help them establish a personal connection to art.

Not only is Curious Corner accessible on the web, the kiosk version of Curious Corner is located in the recently opened Ryan Education Center on the first floor of the Modern Wing, an area that is free to the public.  This convenient and popular location encourages families and children who have entered the museum to visit the original works of art either before or after they experience them virtually in Curious Corner.   Delivering Curious Corner online as well as on kiosks provides global, 24/7 virtual access that supports the educational mission of the museum to disseminate its resources.

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