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Chilliwack War Memorial

Chilliwack Museum and Archives
In house design - Shannon Anderson, Archivist Text - In house, Paul Ferguson, Curator

This site should be considered for a small museum award in the area of research. The Chilliwack Museum has less that 5 staff members and in June 2007, the entire website was redesigned after 8 years of being stagnent. Other than staff time and purchase of Adobe Graphic programs, there was no budget for design, creation or research of the website or the on-line exhibit. The Chilliwack War Memorial is the museum's first on-line exhibit which has taken approximately 5-8 years to research, and two months to design and upload onto the web. It is a unique community resource which provides not only the names of local community members lost while serving Canada, but also background information about the soldiers, information on Chilliwack's military history, as well as photographs. This information was not easy to find, and efforts have been made to find personal stories about each person listed on the memorial. The Museum hopes families will come forward with photographs and more information. Since launching the site, hits have increased from around the world including Britain, Australia and Europe. Family members have shared their heartfelt appreciation, newspapers have taken interest in covering the on-line exhibit launch, teachers have designed lessons using the exhibit, and a new virtual dimention has been added to the Chilliwack War Memorial. Future on-line exhibits are planned with volunteers and students being included in research, design and creation. The Chilliwack Museum is using their website to meet the needs of their community and assisting researchers world-wide.

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