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CCA Actions

Canadian Centre for Architecture


The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), in collaboration with Bluesponge, has created a bilingual microsite related to its current major exhibition, Actions: What You Can Do With the City. Actions explores how everyday human actions such as walking, playing, recycling, and gardening can animate and influence the perception and experience of contemporary cities. The exhibition shows the potential influence personal involvement can have in shaping the city, and challenges fellow residents to participate.

Accessible at, the microsite offers an online extension to the exhibition and its catalogue. Conceived as a ‘hub,’ the microsite aims to inform and engage a general as well as a specialised public by offering two complementary functions: presenting the exhibition contents to the user, and inciting user participation in the exhibition.


The microsite offers a toolkit through which the 99 actions presented in the exhibition can be sorted and browsed in multiple ways, including the type of tool or combinations of tools employed in the action or the curatorial organisation of the exhibition. Users can vote on the success of the exhibited projects and can also comment freely on the works; some have shared hyperlinks to related projects and articles.

In addition, the Actions microsite challenges users – through a “Call to Actions” – to respond by posting their own initiatives to improve the city through individual action. “Call to Actions” invites outside participants to share their urban experiments by submitting text, images, and video. These user contributions are added to the databank of actions, and can be sorted and viewed alongside those featured in the exhibition. A selection of the user actions will be exhibited at the CCA in Spring 2009, completing the arc of the relationship between the physical exhibition and the microsite.

During the first two months following its launch in November 2008, the microsite collected over 60 contributions from various continents and from all targeted audience segments, including students, architects, artists, designers, thinkers, bloggers, and participants in subcultures who are performing these actions. The microsite acts as a hub to bring these groups together, and their exchanges expose an international community of ‘actors’ who are influencing their cities. This community reveals how many people from diverse origins and employing a range of approaches are, in fact, working toward the same goal – to instigate positive change in contemporary cities through action.

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