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CAMEO (Conservation and Art Materials Online)

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

This is a very useful website, specifically for conservators, collection managers, registrars, or anyone doing any cataloguing. The database has been upgraded and updated in 2007, incorporating a couple of new features (from their press release): "The first is the option for auxiliary comparison pages to embed tabular and graphical information into records. For example, a new table for synthetic fibers is now available that compares the characteristic properties for many general classes of polymers. The second addition is a new database for information on the Forbes? Pigment Collections. This database will serve as a repository for inventory lists and analytical results contributed from labs who own these collections. The combination of data will document these pigments and aid in determination of their compositions."It is also collaborative, and users can submit new materials or corrections. There are some entries which have photographs attached to them as well (brass, for example), assisting with the identification of materials.

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