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Buxton National Historic Site and Museum

Buxton National Historic Site and Museum
Lori Gardner (in- house designer/developer)
Small Museum: 
Small Museum

This site blew me away the first time I found it.  It exhibits a wonderful, light presentation style and it's ease-of-use format confortably leads any visitor on to each section and provides a clarity of purpose on each page.  Even more amazing is that it has been totally designed and developed by an in-house volunteer and rivals any professional site I have ever seen. 

As a Director on another Museum Board, I did some follow-up on this site to learn who did the development, and had a wonderful conversation with Lori Gardner, the developer, who provided some tremendous insight and support over the phone and through some email exchanges.  We are now using this site as a baseline template to reconsider our own website. 

I heartily recommend the Buxton National Historic Site and Museum for both an Exhibition Award, and especially an award in the Small Museum category. 

Thank you.

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