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Bauhaus: Workshops for Modernity 1919-1933

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The Museum of Modern Art
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The exhibition website, "Bauhaus: Workshops for Modernity 1919-1933" ( presents an overview of the Bauhaus that situates it both geographically and historically, allowing exploration of works made throughout the school's 14-year existence in Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin. Featuring 150 works from the exhibition, the site allows users to explore this influential school's faculty, students, workshops, and artworks through a series of interactive screens. Special features include a high-quality presentation of László Moholy-Nagy's 1930 film "Lichtspiel: Schwartz, Grau, Weiss" ("Lightplay: Black, Gray, White") and a selection of vintage snapshots of daily life at the Bauhaus. In addition, visitors to the site can fill in a questionnaire Vasily Kandinsky presented to incoming Bauhaus students and witness the behind the scenes preparation of MoMA's exhibition through a series of video clips and interviews with Museum staff. The site is designed by Hello Design of Culver City, CA ( The site launched to the public on on November 8, 2009.


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