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Mexicolore (travelling artefact-based museum on Mexico and the Aztecs which has worked in/with over 2,000 schools and museums throughout England since 1980

Though declaring an interest, I'm confident that you will agree that this independent, free-access, 100% educational website is a mine of information on the Aztecs for both children and adults with a serious interest in learning about Aztec civilisation. It contains an entire microsite for children (Mexicolore.Kids). It is used extensively by teachers and pupils, is updated and revamped constantly, receives no financial support from any institution, and has recently been selected by the British Library to be archived as one of a small number of ‘documentary heritage’ sites that will form part of the new UK Web Archiving Consortium project. The feedback section from educators and students of all ages shows just how much the site deserves and needs institutional encouragement and support. I commend it to you.

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