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ArtShare for Facebook

Brooklyn Museum
in-house team

Using the Facebook API, the Brooklyn Museum developed ArtShare, an application that allows Facebook users to select works of art from our collection, which they can shuffle on their personal profiles. Recognizing that social networking is never one-sided, but rather an exchange of information between parties, we developed this application so other Museums could use it to share works in their own collections; and so artists on Facebook can upload their own artwork to share with friends. So, what is the significance of ArtShare? ArtShare functions just like everything else on Facebook, allowing the members of its community to get to know one another, but in this case through art. It allows users (art lovers, museum-goers, and others) to connect their profiles and personalities to works in museums’ collections. ArtShare allows them to display their favorite paintings, photographs, and objects on their own terms and in their own social spaces. Browsing through Facebook users who have installed ArtShare, one begins to get a sense of the personal tastes and interests they have, just by looking at the works of art they’ve selected for their profiles. Current institutions participating in ArtShare: Brooklyn Museum, Powerhouse, V&A with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in February.

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