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Amber: Treasures from Poland at The Hunterian Art Gallery

Hunterian Museum & Art Gallery
Mark Herraghty & Chris MacLure

The Hunterian Museum is the oldest public museum in Scotland. It is located on the main campus of the University of Glasgow. The history of the museum goes back to the 18th century. But its website is very well situated in the 21st century.

The new exhibition - Amber-Treasures from Poland gave the opportunity to launch a new website for this event.

The site has a sleek design that compliments the exhibition. There also is an interactive comments book, which allows the visitors to participate in the event. The site has good accessibility and easy navigation. For people who are not very familiar with the computer and internet navigation - it is easy and friendly.

The site is bilingual (English/Polish), so it is friendly to those who do not know English.

It also gives educational experience. It gives short but sufficient explanation about the exhibition as well as about the Malbork castle where from came most of the artefacts.

Very important is the zoom feature. It allows users to examine the objects making it accessible to people who can't visit the exhibition. Each of the enlarged items has a description attached.

For those who are planning to visit - the upcoming events are mentioned. It therefore is possible to plan the visit, or visits.

Summarizing the web site is not only elegant and informative, but also gives a visitor an impression of attending the theatre. The selected objects can be chosen to be zoomed - and they appear like actors on the scene, emerging from the black background.

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