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Tate's website relaunch


Launched in the late 1990s, Tate Online, the Tate’s website, has for a long time been at the forefront of digital communications in the museum sector. However, lacking a long-term ambition and flexible technological platforms, Tate’s online content sprawled onto numerous micro and satellite sites to deliver individual projects to a range of short-term objectives. The website has grown to include approximately 420,000 pages under its domain, but has fundamentally not changed for almost 15 years. The result is an unsustainable and hard-to-maintain website that can no longer deliver Tate’s vision at which heart are our online audiences and a rethinking of how we engage with them.

Following the development of the Tate Online Strategy 2010-12, a comprehensive overhaul of the entire website and associated online content has been underway with a view to launch the new Tate’s website in February 2012.
We hope that by sharing our experiences others will be better equipped to undertake a website relaunch of this scale and complexity.


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TijanaTasich's picture
Tijana currently works as Senior Digital Producer and Information Architect for Tate where she leads the production team. She was the project lead and information architect for the Tate's website which was relaunched in April 2012. Tijana studied Art History but eventually got a degree in Arts...
John Stack's picture
John Stack is Head of Tate Online. He leads on Tate's web strategy and oversees the Tate Online department's production, design, editorial and technical teams.