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Social Memory Technology


Every human being, whether anonymous or famous, has the right to immortalize his or her story and integrate it into social memory. That idea gave rise to the Museum of the Person – a virtual museum that connects people and groups through their stories. Founded in Brazil, in 1991, the Museum of the Person is now an international network with initiatives in Portugal, the USA and Canada.

Since its creation, the Museum of the Person has been a civil society organization working to record, preserve and transform into information the life stories of each and every person in society. Using its own methodology, it captures, organizes and edits contents that are later disseminated through publications, radio and TV programs, exhibitions, studies and at the portal

With programs in the areas of memory, education, communication and community development, the Museum of the Person has conducted about 200 memory projects aimed at multiplying and democratizing its methodology and its collection, which includes 14 thousand life stories and 72 thousand images and documents.

The methodology was developed with the influence of micro and behavioral history. The Museum of the Person makes use of the social technology of memory, which encourages communities, civil society organizations and companies from different locations, profiles and trajectories, to build, socialize and organize their stories, highlighting the experiences and knowledge of people. This is a technology that can be applied on a large scale, cost-effective, generating social development and diminishing conflicts. One of its uses is to engage the public in the process of strengthening the democracy in Brazil and others countries.

That is our aim, to make our society a more democratic and fair one, where people who would normally be “invisible”, have the chance to be included and respected as history makers as we all are.

In view of the storing of Social Memory Technology, this practice was discussed, deepened and systematized by a multidisciplinary team at the Museum of the Person. We seek to systematize how groups, organizations and communities can undertake projects of memory and take ownership of their history.

History is never absolute and is not ready. The making of history is an ongoing live process, which concerns us all. It is impossible to imagine life without history. Without it, we would not know who we are and whither we go. More than remembering what was experienced, the historical narrative conveys values and worldviews and helps to understand what we have today and where we go.

We hope that with the experience we manage will inspire other organizations and find new partners that are interested in the Social Memory Technology and the innovative actions developed by the Museum of the Person.


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