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Kinect Hacking: Sensing Spaces


This workshop will take a look at new trends in sensing technologies for immersive exhibits and environments. We will review a broad spectrum of interface techniques and technologies, comparing the relevant strengths, strategies, and weaknesses of each. We will also look at how these technologies can be integrated with frameworks such as Flash, Processing and OpenFrameworks and experience hands-on interaction using Microsoft's Kinect.

As part of a hands-on portion of the workshop, we'll focus on recent advancements in 3D depth sensing in which the introduction of Microsoft Kinect has changed the field, making a difficult process simple, affordable, and ready to be used in public settings. A live environment will allow attendees to play with depth data and skeletal tracking to fully understand how to best use the technology in different situations and scales.

Workshop materials will include a downloadable package of all software libraries discussed including source to sample projects with which to get started.


Workshop - full or half day


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Before returning to independent consulting, Bruce was at Second Story Interactive Studios as Director of Creative Development. As a key member of the studio's leadership team, he provided strategy, vision, and leadership for the studio’s creative output. The position established new initiatives and...