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Engaging New Audiences Online: Perspectives & Projects


Young people are a creative, critical and “digitally savvy” audience. They engage with art and technology in forward thinking ways. As part of Tate’s Audience Strategy, we work in direct consultation with young people to create and deliver an in-gallery and digital programme where the audience takes a leading role in defining and shaping the programme. My demo will focus on three areas by showcasing a series of different projects. These are projects created over the last two years that have allowed Tate Online to think about how we engage young people across our in-gallery and online/digital programmes;


1. Young Creatives & Collectives; Young Tate Online redesign; ( until February 2012) I will start the demo by showing some of new community based functionality as part of the launch of the new Tate community based section of website for young people.


2. Engagement - A Sense of Perspective;

The demo will showcase some of the content and approach we took to working with younger users to develop at The New Perspectives online open art project. As an example, I will present an approach to digital incentives used to engage audiences and the outcome of unique opportunity for young emerging artists to have their work at Tate Liverpool.


3. Participation - Digital partnerships and integrated social media; (launch Feb 2012) -

I also be showcasing an exciting new project that will be showcased on the Turbine Hall Bridge in March 2011. This is a partnership with REcreative website for young people The installation will work across the Tate website, REcreative and Twitter and allow young people to have real-time interaction with an installation created in collaboration with Hellicar & Lewis


As we try to take new approaches to younger audiences across digital, online and in-gallery programmes, we aim to create digital projects that allow us to think carefully about how we define “young people” as both users and visitors to the gallery. Although the in-gallery youth programme has traditionally defined its core in-gallery audience of young people as 13-25 year olds across the UK and internationally who visit the gallery, we’ve worked hard to engage as many young people within the age range as we can through different projects and programmes. I would like this demo to show how by taking different approaches to online and digital we can move away from traditional models and definitions to create opportunities for young people to show Tate how they like to define themselves both artistically and creatively.


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Sarah Toplis is Editor of Young Tate Online. This role involves developing digital projects and partnerships to engage younger audiences with Tate. She managed the development of the new Young Tate Online website ( and leads on content creation, with a focus on...