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Museums and the Web

An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.

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This demo will present a new technology that allows museums to create and deliver several applications, “repurposing”, with a very limited effort, the same content.

For an exhibition, for example, the following can be generated: the “web site”, the “multimedia catalogue”, “the room descriptions”, the “biographies of artists”, the “virtual tour” (based on panoramic pictures), the “audio guide”, the “multimedia guide”, the “panoramic guide” (using panoramic pictures for orientation), the “apps” (for Apple devices), and even more.

In addition, when the proper technology is being used, different versions can be “linked” together, for a more engaging user experience. Also, if proper conditions exist, part of the content can be “extracted” from the permanent collection database. “Adaptation” of content can be largely automated in order to improve the quality of the user experience.

Each application can be used “during” a visit to the museum, “before” the visit (for preparation), “after” the visit (for reenactment or more knowledge), or “independently” from any visit (e.g. for cultural interest). Applications could be mainly visual, or mainly audio-based; blind users could also be included.

Obviously, not all the exhibitions need the above, but they are technically possible, and with a limited human effort.

The demo will show, through a variety of devices, the different versions generated for “Consonanze”, an exhibition held in Lugano (Switzerland) at the end of 2011. Other samples, from other exhibitions, will also be demonstrated for completeness.

A brand new delivery interface (closer to today's popular interfaces, and more suitable for tablet computers) will be shown. At the core of all the above is an advanced authoring environment (demonstrated at MW in 2011).


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Paolo Paolini is full professor at Politecnico di Milano (Italy), adjunct professor at the School of Communication Sciences and scientific coordinator of the master TEC-CH (Technology Enhanced Communication for Cultural Heritage) at the University of Lugano (USI). He is the scientific coordinator...
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Nicoletta Di Blas is assistant professor with the Department of Electronics and Information of Politecnico di Milano. She graduated in Classics and obtained a Ph.D. in Linguistic Sciences from The Catholic University, Milan. She currently teaches Communication Theory for Politecnico di Milano (Como...
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Matteo Agosti received the Dr. Ing. (Master) degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Parma (Italy) in 2007. As of Jan 2010 he is working as PhD candidate at Università della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano, Switzerland) under the supervision of Prof. Paolo Paolini. Matteo's research...
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Biography pending.