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AirBrush is a creative application with a difference – it literally allows you to ‘paint with air’. Using innovative, browser-based motion-tracking technology, your movement lets you paint onto a webcam canvas. Moving your hand produces the most refined marks, but there’s nothing to stop you from moving your head, feet or doing a dance. This opens up access to a number of people for whom operating a mouse or keyboard can be a challenge. 

The application allows you to explore a range of different effects: choose your paint colour, shade, brush size and finally select a painting technique inspired by artists in the Tate collection, from Pissaro to Turner, Van Gogh to Pollock. 

Our demonstration, delivered by Tate Kids and Plug-in Media, will expose the technology behind this innovative app and explain the difference between augmented reality and motion-tracking. It will also explore what happened when we tested it with kids, preview some of the work Tate Kids has received to date, cover issues around moderation and discuss how you can use webcam applications in order to bring your collections to life.

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I have been the Tate Kids Editor since September 2007, where I have been fully responsible for the relaunch of the site. This has included creating the concept and overseeing the development of all content. I am also responsible for the Families website. Prior to this, I worked for an educational...