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Museums and the Web

An annual conference exploring the social, cultural, design, technological, economic, and organizational issues of culture, science and heritage on-line.

Advancing Collaboration in Museums


Are the various informational resources we keep in our institutions aligned to achieve what we wish to deliver to our visitors online? Asking this question in reverse, are our digital outreach and engagement efforts remembered in the records we keep? Under ideal circumstances, the technological alignment we seek will mirror the real needs of the diverse and expert individuals working in museums today. This workshop will explore the expanding spheres of staff involved in digital programming and how understanding the overlapping needs of inter-related departments will not only benefit our aspirations for digital programming but also serve the many other over-arching goals of the museum.

This workshop is practical and solution oriented. It will begin with a brief overview of some of the challenges of information and knowledge management in museums today. SFMOMA invited the San Francisco-based experience design company, Hot Studio, to explore these challenges and to describe a refreshed conceptual framework for museum information and knowledge; one that could be broadly adopted and easy to use. This workshop is designed to test the underlying assumptions of this conceptual framework by inviting participants to join in an exercise, an artwork-centered case-study. Through this exercise, participants will also be encouraged to explore their individual roles within a complex organizational structure and the shared and collaborative potential each person brings to the larger enterprise of a museum’s service to the public.


Workshop - full or half day


Annet Dekker's picture
Annet Dekker is independent curator and researcher. Subjects of interest are the influence of new media, science and popular culture on art and vice versa. At the moment she organises the Artist in Residence programme at the Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam (with Annette Wolfsberger),...
Jill Sterrett's picture
Originally trained as a conservator, I am particularly inspired by the preservation challenges presented by contemporary art, including electronic installations. I am most interested in the philosophical issues that often surround its legacy and long-term care, in the requisite collaborations...
layna's picture
I'm keen on museum practices around description and documentation, especially considering pluralistic and changing needs around access to and use of digital content.