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Zinckgasse 20-22
1150 Vienna

Fluxguide is an inspiring new technology for exhibitors to provide visitors with a unique art experience. Fluxguides are fully capable mobile multi-media guides (audio, video, interlinked text) which offer new communicative, participative, and personalized features for visitors during their tour. Due to the open structure of the solution, visitors may use their own smartphones instead of handed out devices.

Unlike other solutions, with Fluxguides visitors are not only passive consumers of content but generate content themselves. Visitors are able to comment on exhibits and to communicate with others: on-the-spot and in real time.

Additionally, Fluxguides can be used to add exhibits to a favorite list which they later receive as email. This gives visitors a new way in keeping a permanent & personalized memory of the visit, as well as to share their experiences with others.

For the exhibitor all data is stored centrally and is accessible via an easy-to-use web-frontend. An analysis tool offers real-time feedback in order to track popularity & ratings of exhibits.

Fluxguide is an award-winning solution ("AWS Preseed-Call" and "Mingo Award 2011") developed in Austria. Fluxguide environments have been set up in several renowned Museums in Europe and is suited for generally all sorts of exhibitions.