Speaker: Sandy Goldberg
April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Speakers: Biography

Sandy Goldberg

independent content writer/producer
496 Green St.
Cambridge MA
02139 USA

Sandy Goldberg is an independent museum media producer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She’s been creating museum and historic site content for 15 years. Previously Sandy was Head Writer for Antenna Audio, and she continues to produce audio and multimedia content for Antenna in the US, the UK and Europe. Sandy wrote the first temporary exhibition multimedia scripts for Tate Modern, for which she received a 2006 MUSE award. In her many projects with Tate Modern and Tate Britain while she was based in the UK, she developed many of the early standards and best practices which are broadly used in multimedia content training. She was also instrumental in the early development of Antenna’s iphone app for museum clients. She writes across many platforms, from audio content for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, to the iphone app for the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. As an independent producer, Sandy is a creative collaborator with SFMOMA in their development of in-museum multimedia content. She is also working with the MFA Boston on their new multimedia program. In addition, she is the host/producer for an ongoing, interdisciplinary enhanced podcast series for Emory University, (http://www.carlos.emory.edu/podcasts) which was named the "Best New Use of Technology" by Atlanta Magazine. Sandy is known for helping museums create experiences in many different platforms which are surprising, rich in emotional learning, and often use a more conversation-based, informal, journalistic tone to encourage "big picture," cross-disciplinary thinking as a way into complex themes and ideas.

Sandy will lead Mobile Content Workshop - FULL. [Workshop]