April 13-17, 2010
Denver, Colorado, USA

Workshops: Description

Mobile Content Workshop - FULL

Nancy Proctor, Smithsonian American Art Museum, USA
Beth Harris, USA
Steven Zucker, Fashion Institute of Technology, USA
Sandy Goldberg, USA
David Torgersen, Exploratorium, USA
Chris Alexander, Toura, LLC, USA
Koven Smith, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, USA

This workshop is now full.


  • To familiarize participants with basic best practices in mobile content and experience design, including evaluation/visitor feedback methodologies for planning and developing mobile experiences;
  • To give participants hands-on experience planning and developing content for a mobile interpretation experience;
  • To expose participants to a range of mobile content design approaches.

Participants are asked to bring a 'meaningful object' to the workshop which will be used as the objects of the interpretive content development exercises. They are asked to imagine that this object will be on display in the galleries and online exhibition spaces of their personal museum.

The workshop leaders represent several different approaches to mobile content design, which can be described loosely as:

  1. The audio tour (Sandy Goldberg & David Torgersen)
  2. The conversation (Beth Harris & Steven Zucker)
  3. The multimedia tour (Daniel Incandela & Chris Alexander)
  4. Multimodal applications (i.e. integrating social media and non-linear content into the mobile experience) (Koven Smith & Nancy Proctor)

Working as 'consultants' to the participants' 'clients', they will each present their methodologies in turn to the 4 participant pairs/small groups. Participants get the opportunity to understand how their objects would be interpreted through each of these lenses, learning best practices in each approach and which approaches work when and for what kinds of experiences. Concurrently, participants flesh out the mobile interpretation plan for their meaningful objects using worksheets provided.


  1. Welcome & introductions (5 min)
  2. Mindmapping your visitors' questions (5 min introduction by Nancy; 20 min practicum): Working in pairs or small groups, participants present their objects to each other and 'mind map' the questions that arise for visitors examining and experiencing the object on display.
  3. Content consultations (30 min each; 2 hrs total): Workshop leaders visit each of the 'client groups' in turn. Participants explain their interpretive projects to the 'consultants', including mission, key messages, and the visitor questions that they aim to answer through the mobile interpretation solution. Workshop leaders discuss with participants how their approach can be applied to this interpretive project, communicating best practices as well as strengths & limitations of the approach.
  4. Break 15 min after first 2 content consultations (at 1.5hrs in)
  5. Mobile project plan presentations (10 min each for 4 groups/pairs)
  6. Wrap-up/next steps (5 min)

Workshop: Mobile Content [Morning]

Keywords: mobile, content, design