Speaker: Christopher Kenneally
April 15-18, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Speakers: Biography

Christopher Kenneally

Director, Author & Creator Relations
Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers MA
02132 USA

At Copyright Clearance Center, Christopher Kenneally is responsible for organizing and hosting programs that address the business needs of copyright-holders of all backgrounds. Among other activities, he is host and moderator for an ongoing series of writing conferences called, “Beyond the Book” (www.beyondthebook.com). The programs are frequently broadcast nationally on C-SPAN’s Book-TV and in Canada on BookTelevision; the series is also now a podcast, available from iTunes.com. In addition, Kenneally’s articles on such topics as blogging, search engines, and the impact of technology on copyright have appeared in the Boston Business Journal, Washington Business Journal, and BookTech Magazine, among other publications. An award-winning journalist and author of Massachusetts 101, a history of the state “from Redcoats to Red Sox” (www.mass101.com ), Christopher Kenneally has reported on education, business, travel, culture and technology for the New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, The Independent of London, and many other leading publications. He also has reported for WBUR-FM (Boston), National Public Radio and WGBH-TV (Boston).

Christopher will demonstrate Digital Content: Identifying the "Orphans" & Monetizing the Heirlooms. [Demonstration]