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Published: March 15, 2001.


Carol DeNatale
Production Director
AMICO (Art Museum Image Consortium)
40 Sea Street
New Haven CT
06519 USA

Carol DeNatale recently joined AMICO as the Production Director. The Production Director has overall responsibility for acquisition of AMICO content, its integration into the AMICO Library, and its delivery to distributors in a consistent and usable form. The Production Director is part of AMICO's senior staff, and assists in strategic planning, fundraising and budgeting.

Prior to joining AMICO, Carol was Project Manager at Luna Imaging, Inc., full-service provider of digital imaging services and products, developed specifically to meet the needs of museums, university and other cultural collections. She worked extensively on a project with the Museum of Modern Art, funded by the Mellon Foundation. In addition, she was instrumental in the development of a new marketing campaign for the company.

Prior to Luna, Carol was Registrar and Project Director, along with Peter Hirtle from the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections (CIDC), for The Museum Online project at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art. The project had the explicit goal of making the entire museum collection available to the public using a searchable database incorporating both textual and visual data. This is an on-going, collaborative project in terms of funding and content, and has served as a pilot project for CIDC. Carol has also worked at the Hood Museum of Dartmouth College, and at the Gallery Association of New York State. She received her B.A. in Art History from the University of Rochester, and recently completed her M.B.A. at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University.

Carol will demonstrate AMICO: Using the Web to support collaboration, communication and workflow